Content of Characters

"As president of RealFood FX it is my commitment to deliver the best without compromise." - Nick DelSanto  

Growing up in Endicott, New York I realized the importance of character and the characters you surround yourself with.

Throughout the years I have developed relationships on a personal and professional level with people from all walks of life. The one thing I have realized is that character is what separates them above all other aspects.

I learned from my family being up front to the point and holding myself and others accountable without compromise is the best driver for success in life and business. For that reason I seek out people with similar character.

I have spent a better part of three decades looking at everyday fundamentals and challenging the status quo in an effort to live better and find value. The cornerstone of all personal or business relationships is character and is the most vital component on building success.

Being of Italian descent, food was always a focal point and the quality was always a sense of pride. Food that was produced in the home made with locally grown ingredients. Over the years I have observed our food supply being industrialized to the detriment of our well being where my ancestors would not recognize it.  


I created RealFood FX to develop a community where you can purchase healthy products and share information about health and vitality.